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Sunconnect Ecosolutions Pvt Ltd, a company designing, assembling and manufacturing electronic and electrical operated eco-friendly “Sunconnect Electronic Water Conditioning System”.

This electronically operated system conditions hardwater to soft water, filters and disinfects water.

SUNCONNECT System which could be installed in your facilities to do away with Biofilm/ Silt/ Slime/ Bacterial disinfection along with scaling problems & its related issues in the water pipelines, RO systems, plumbing fittings, laundry washing machines, Dish washing machines, solar collectors, Taps, shower heads, swimming pools, aquariums and other utility fittings.

Present scenario:

Water a main source which travels either through long distance of water pipelines supplied by corporation boards, or sourced from deep underground hard water. Normally this supplied or sourced water contains, Turbidity, High or Low pH values, Odour, Arsenic, Hardness, High TDS, Fluorides, Potassium, Lead, Mercury, Cyanide, Iron, Zinc; VOCs; Microbes like EColi, Salmonella, Alage etc., and other contaminants like Mud, Slime, Semi-Metals, picked up underground or at intersections of broken pipelines. More often increase in BIO-LOAD when water is stored in sumps and tanks. Normally these contaminants affect the plumbing systems & Health of individuals of the facility.

Health Hazard using untreated water

In Residential buildings, hotels, lodges, Hospitals, Industries, the real threat is with the untreated water when exposed with infected patients to healthy persons can result in gastroenteritis problem. Patients’ exposure occurs while showering, bathing, cooking and drinking. Patients being immuno-compromised having fresh surgical wounds, are at higher risk for infections. A study finds biofilm-forming pathogens can create potent bio-films in pipes, hot water tanks, sinks and even touch less faucets. All are equally exposed to these water borne infection risks.