Sunconnect Conditioning System

Clearflow Complete Water Conditioning Process

Initial water test is done by Govt. authorized water testing Lab
Thorough cleaning of Sump and OHT
A section of plumbing line is cut open for study.
At the POE of BWSSB / Ground Water / Tanker Water leads to the our indigenous Filtration & Disinfectant Dousing unit
This water is allowed to Sump
Inbuilt Disinfection KLO-NIL ABCD is doused 1ppm/1000L of water.
This treated water travels to OHT
At the POD, Microprocessor controlled water conditioner installed to condition Hard water to soft
Finally every TAP or OUTLET gives pure, drinkable water without any side effects or Operational cost.
Equipments are ONE TIME COST, consumable like KLO-NIL is month on expense which is negligible compared with health
Every 15 days KLO-NIL ABCD disinfectant is prepared at the site by our authorized person
We enter into a Comprehensive Agreement for 15 years, subject to 3 year periodical revision of agreement